Using Artificial Intelligence To Reduce Energy Costs

Energy INsights is a new Indiana state-wide program seeking to engage with 100 manufacturing companies to integrate an Amazon Web Services-connected factory platform that will gather data from legacy factory equipment and energy management systems. Using AI and data analytics to further optimize energy efficiency, Hoosier companies can implement cutting-edge computer and sensor hardware, plus AI and data science software tools at their factories.

Jumpstarting Industry 4.0.

Reduce Energy Cost

Insights from this program aim to reduce energy costs between eight and 20 percent, depending on the factory's current efficiency of operations.

Maintain & Attract Customers

Participating manufacturers can expect to see improvements in their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores, driving business forward.

No Cost

All Indiana manufacturing companies are eligible to participate, and there will be no cost for small-to-medium sized companies that enroll.

Connected Factories To Improve Energy Sustainability

Small- to medium-sized manufacturers in Indiana face a particularly tough challenge integrating new technology. We are here to stand beside them and help create a competitive environment where our citizens can earn more than the national average.

Taking Our Company To The Next Level

By being part of Energy INsights, Amatrol plans to cut energy costs, one of its largest expenses. By implementing Industry 4.0 technologies, Amatrol will use data analytics from the program to take the company to the next level.

"As the most manufacturing-intensive state in the nation, Indiana is leading the way with innovative technology solutions that will keep our industries globally competitive for years to come."

— Dave Roberts, Executive Vice President of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at IEDC

"The Energy INsights pilot is enabling Amatrol to unlock energy usage data from our operations and providing real-time insights that will reduce our energy costs over time."

— Paul Perkins, President at Amatrol Inc

"The State of Indiana's programmatic approach to roll out a state-funded I4.0 solution which can increase energy efficiency and improve manufacturing efficiency across the state can definitely keep the manufacturing customers competitive."

— Pugal Janakiraman, Principal, Global Business Development – IoT at AWS


March 2, 2022

New Energy INsights program, in partnership with IEDC and AWS, to reduce energy costs for Indiana manufacturers

Energy Systems Network (ESN) and the Emerging Manufacturing Collaboration Center (EMC2) announced today the launch of Energy INsights. A first-of-its-kind statewide program, developed in collaboration with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) and Amazon Web Services (AWS), to use artificial intelligence (AI) and data science to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability for Indiana manufacturers.


The goal is to help Indiana manufacturers track their energy usage in real time and provide data analytics tools that will help them reduce their energy cost by 8-20%.

This is done by providing participating companies with a simple to install hardware and software solution that will gather energy data at the building and machine level. Once data is collected, it will be transferred to a secure AWS virtual private cloud (VPC) account owned by the company. Then, AI and data science modeling will be applied to the data and that is communicated back to the company through a simple software dashboard that offers guidance on ways to reduce energy cost (i.e., changing machine settings and/or operations, reducing peak energy consumption, etc.).

A company must have manufacturing or industrial operations in the State of Indiana with preference given to small to medium sized businesses. Complete the enrollment agreement which includes a commitment to make the company's participation public and part of the Indiana Economic Development Corporations promotion of Indiana's advanced manufacturing industry. Each company also will need to identify a lead point of contract to interface with AWS and EMC2 to coordinate program activities.

There is no cost to enroll to the program and all hardware and software fees are 100% subsidized through the program.

Upon completion of installation, the customer will have one calendar year of provided service. It is expected that savings will be generated during this period.

If you choose to cease service after the first year, the company is able to retain the Energy Monitoring Kit and associated hardware at no additional cost. If the customer chooses this option, they will still retain minimum functionality of the Energy INsights dashboard, however, will relinquish the ability to leverage future analytics or further capabilities available on the platform.

The customer is required to renew any software licenses directly with the vendors. This will allow continued use of the analytics and modeling, as well as potentially extend to other machines and also gain other insights from machines.

Following the Energy INsights initiative, the estimated, based on current pricing, annual price of the software licenses is $14,680*. Energy savings that are projected should more than offset this annual cost. *Subject to change.

The Energy INsights Monitoring Kit is capable of hardwiring in directly to the customer IT network, or, if preferred, the kit comes installed with a cellular modem capable of transmitting data wirelessly to partition data from an internal network.

If the customer does not currently have a KYZ contact at the main facility meter, they must engage their utility provider and request one be installed. Any additional electrical expense will be subsidized by the program.

If the customer has an internal electrician, they may install it internally. If not, and the customer may request EMC2 connect the Opto22 Groov RIO's to the machines or will hire a qualified electrical contractor. Any additional electrical expense will be subsidized by the program.

Customer's data (manufacturing & other data) resides in Virtual Private Cloud of customer, which is a private cloud setup within AWS cloud infrastructure which no one can access other than customer and delegates of customer. Data security is foundational to everything AWS does. Tools will be provided to manage your environment in a secure fashion.

The customer's machine and facility energy data will reside securely within the Customer's AWS Virtual Private Cloud. The data will currently not be shared with any outside party unless the customer specifically opts to do so.

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